About Us

Family Run

We are a small family run company that provide great rates and brilliant quality. 

Because we are small company, we understand the importance of budgets and trust. 

We are based in Smallfield (near Gatwick Airport) and cover Surrey, Sussex and Kent areas. 

We have a great team of people who work alongside us in various skills. This ensures that we get the best team in to do your work at all times.

We have full public liability insurance as well. This company is important to us, and as it is we will always do our best for our customers as without you, we wouldn't be around. 


Because we are a local company we always source local materials, so there is never the worry that there will be delays or issues when it comes to supplying materials needed for your garden.We provide these services from Horley and Crawley to Croydon and Orpington and many other areas. We have our local suppliers who we use, and as we have a great relationship with these suppliers, we are able to get discounts of materials which we pass onto you. 

100% Satisfaction

We will also remain honest and will ensure you get the end result you are after. We will always discuss your needs and will always look at ways to make your garden the best it can be. 

If you present us with a job that on the outset is out of our  everyday remit. We will go away , research and speak with the team to get the best result for you. However please rest assure that if we are presented with a job that we are unable to do, we will tell you straight away and will not 'give it a go'. We respect our customers to much to do this.